Khwendo Kor achievements

Despite the difficulties caused by Pakistan’s continuing conflict with the Taliban, KK has:

  • Acted in partnership with key organisations including Oxfam GB, Oxfam Novib, USAID, UNICEF, Developments In Literacy, NED, and other important donors
  •  Worked in over 200 villages
  • Established hundreds of community based primary schools for girls, from which many thousands of students have graduated
  •  Established Adult Literacy Centres for women
  • Trained village based young women as teachers
  • Developed and trained female and male Village Education Committees to manage and supervise the schools in their villages
  • Trained Traditional Birth Attendants who are now providing hygienic and skilled services in their localities
  • Provided training and micro-credit to women enabling them to gain income from raising livestock, growing vegetables, tailoring, creating craft goods and so on
  • Represented the views of these village people throughout the world at meetings with, among others, the President of Pakistan, and US Secretary of State