The ‘viable village’ model

Khwendo Kor calls its core method of work the ‘Viable Villagemodel.  This means that KK partners with villages or wider communities that wish to work with it.  Typically it uses a method called ‘participative rural appraisal’ (PRA) to agree on the needs of the village and the priorities for tackling them.  A full plan then specifies what part KK, the villagers, and others, such as the local authority departments, will play.  Success depends on forming local groups of men and women to guide the development and actions at different levels; the pressure that Khwendo Kor brings to bear through its advocacy; the links it nurtures between the villagers and other local groups; and the voter registration campaigns it supports allowing women to play a full part in the electoral process.  Other villages observe this process and, wishing to copy it, approach Khwendo Kor.  Success thus spreads ‘virally’ and through a process more akin to a “movement” than traditional top-down development.