Their approach

To achieve its vision, Khwendo Kor promotes resilient communities and empowered women.  It works with people, not for them.  It involves them in decisions about what should be done, forming committees of men and women to manage services.  It uses land and buildings provided by the villagers, employing local people and providing them with the skills they need to act as birth attendants, entrepreneurs, political advocates for their interests and volunteers of different kinds. It links villagers to others who can meet their needs.  It supports activists who get together to work for change. Here are the words of a woman engaged in local decision-making for the first time in her life:

Problems and issues are part of life but when we get the skill to handle all these problems wisely then in my opinion it is success of the community. It is my first experience of being part of a community institution and now it is inspiration for me and all other that collectively we can make change… a real change… in behavior, how we see the problem and how the problem will be solved. Thanks KK for giving me and other women the strength and power to speak for our rights”.